The Art of Purpose
... and more importantly, HOW to know your life purpose
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  1. Let’s play a game of Purpose
  2. The Blue pill
  3. Start here
  4. You don’t have a purpose
  5. This is your Purpose
  6. Your best friend and worst enemy are the same person
  7. But what do you want me to do about it?
  8. Problems you want to have
  9. Focus on Failure
  10. I want you to fail
  11. CANCER is your friend
  12. Everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault
  13. A half time summary
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1. Let's play a game of Purpose

What game are you playing?To play a game, you must know the rules.
You need to know whether there is a ball and if so if you can touch it with your hands. Are you playing a team sport and if so, who’s on your team? Also, which direction should you be heading in and do you need to guide others? And that’s before you even know how long the game is or what you get if you win. Life is that unique pastime endured by all in our unwritten goal to make it to the end; the ironies are terminal.
Why not you and I play a game: You are dealt three cards which you fan out before you. Having seen these before, you recognise the symbols on each as well as the boldly emblazoned numbers. Sensing what to do and checking around to see how others are reacting you start to hear questions. What should I do? Which should I use first? When is it my turn? Fortunately for us and in spite of years of well-intentioned conditioning, our innately inquisitive minds detect clues to help us navigate this conundrum. So what do you do? Do you use the card with the large ‘A’ on it at the beginning or save it till the end? You notice that the red card reminds you of King George, but unfortunately the A is not red – does this mean you have a great hand or not? With two cards so strong, do you even need to concern yourself with the third card? That card has a Q on it. Despite the simplicity of this example, it’s easy to see that even with great cards in your hand, it’s difficult to know how to play them if you don’t know the rules. And that is what many of us are doing every single day. We’re so busy focusing on the potential of our cards that we’re not even playing the game so miss our turn. The annoying thing is that others with obviously much weaker hands than ours appear to be playing continuously … and winning, but still we persist in actively procrastinating, often paralysed by an ungrounded fear of some sort such as failure or success; as a result many people die with a winning hand held close to their chest. Whichway But how could this happen? Shouldn’t the fastest car win the race, the strongest athlete come first, the most talented artist become most acclaimed? Well Yes, they should. But remember, losers should all over themselves; Losers are defined as those who don’t play the game. You only have to participate to win. 
But How? 

How do we learn the rules? Well, if you can handle the Red pill then all you have to do is heed these 13 words: 
We listen. We learn. We choose a path and we move along it. 

Next instalmentThe Blue pill

2. The Blue pill

So what is the most important thing?Thebluepill Is it money? Despite millions of people bearing testament to the fragility of this argument, it is a consistent bet of the modern world and an unlikely winner. Is it religion or a spiritual path? Disciples the world over embrace dogma which suggests the devotion of their true god or power as being a passage to the light. The challenge of accepting a belief like this is that it doesn’t help us know exactly how we’re supposed to reach the light. Since time immortal, mankind has searched for more. At a surface level, this has been witnessed through more money, better housing, more technology and better relationships. Delving deeper, it really comes down to emotions; it is our feelings towards having more money and better relationships which spur us on. It’s not the big stack of $100 notes that gets us excited, it’s the potential that money has to provide us with stuff and things which make us feel good. MOREConsider there was a human who was programmed for one thing and one thing only; how simple would life be? Imagine that they knew exactly what to do to make themselves and the people they cared about feel best, wouldn’t their life be great? Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as that. Remember, knowing the rules doesn’t mean you win the game. Also, sometimes learning the rules means you actually have less (freedom, choice …) and that’s ok. As a result of our consumer indoctrination we can misunderstand the act of having less as being negative when it is often the reverse. Untouched by rules, if babies could drive, they would crash within a short time due to not realising such basic rules as, cars drive on roads, cars drive on only one side of the road, if you hit something with a car, the car stops. It is the interpretation and implementation of the rules which determine the outcome. As a result, there is only potential power contained in the following 13 word monumental statement relating to human existence: the Purpose of life is to maximise the human experience; to maximise emotions. Think about that for a moment. Everything you do is only for the purpose of maximising your experience of whatever it is you are doing. Conversely, if you choose to do nothing, that is exactly what you’re doing – you’re choosing to do ‘nothing’ and when you do ‘nothing’ you want to do it in the best way possible for the greatest gain in that moment. So what does that mean to me? How does being programmed to experience emotions and all that fluffy stuff relate to me? Who cares if that’s true or not and who can be bothered even understanding that rubbish, let alone having to do something about it? The beauty of our design is that you don’t have to understand it, you are already doing it. Just like electricity, air travel or moving your arm, you don’t need to understand how it works as long as you can use it. Next installment … Start here

3. Start Here

Which one of these would you like to spend most time on?lifepurpose
  • Creating security
  • Planning your future
  • Getting rid of bad habits
  • Having more joy and fun
  • Keeping healthy
  • Creating a wonderful family
  • Contributing more
  • Connecting with your greater power.
And make sure you choose at least one before continuing. Just Choose Something. Was that easy to do? Did you get any conflict with knowing how much time you have in a day and your priorities? Remember, as long as you choose something, you win; you must participate if you want to win. And this is where it comes to my favourite part … if you are Living Your Purpose, everything on that list is dealt with. The beauty of living your Purpose is that inherent in focusing on what you are here for, all the other pieces rally around to help you achieve it and that’s no longer a Secret. It may not be the way you expect, but just getting on your right path will provide you all the love, resources, joy and pleasure you Neednot what you Want, but what you Need. dictionary (If you consult a pre-1930s dictionary, you will identify that the word Want has more meaning that you may have realised. It used to mean the word Lack. I want money. I want love. I want freedom.) vehicles When we focus on the vehicles to our success, we can get the best vehicles, but that isn’t what we were aiming for. Do you want the money for a great life, or do you want a great life? Do you want the best skills for meeting the right person, or do you want to meet the right person? Do you want to have the best car for getting to the party of your life, or do you want to be experiencing the best party ever? By living our Purpose, we are focusing on the bull’s eye of our success, and with that success comes fulfilment. Next instalment … You don’t have a purpose

4. You don’t have a purpose

I’m not sure how to break this to you, but before identifying your one true purpose, realise … there isn’t one for you. nopurposeThere are many. It is my belief that based on a collision of your skills, experience, nature and expectations, there are a number of Seeds of Greatness available to every one of us. From my perspective, to believe there is only one true purpose for us over-simplifies an important concept and is tantamount to believing that there is only one right partner for us. I’m not saying that what I’m saying is true – but if you chose to believe it, it certainly makes living life fully and letting things go a whole lot easier and more fun … which allows you to maximise your experience. Next instalment … This is your Purpose

5. This is your Purposethisisyourpurpose

Are you ready for it? If you didn’t know already, your mission should you accept it or not is only one thing. Your whole meaning for existence, you’re raison d’etre, you’re alpha and omega is to … Find Your Purpose and Live Your Purpose. This has been the case for centuries as a number of Greek sages including Socrates and Pythagoras concur. The Ancient Greek aphorism Know thyself was inscribed in golden letters at the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece and is a synonym for self-realisation or self-knowledge. Next installment … Your best friend and worst enemy are the same person

6. Your best friend and worst enemy are the same person

There’s somebody you see every day, but chances are you don’t really know them. You probably don’t think of them as a friend and to be honest, you often treat them worse than any enemy. You talk to them interminably, but frequently only to chastise, berate or criticise their behaviour, the way they look, the things they do and the life they’re leading. It is likely you have extremely high standards for this person but if you were asked to write them down, you’d find it difficult to do, nevertheless you expect them to live by these unwritten rules. Need I say more? Have you worked out who it is? smilefrownListen … They just spoke to you. Can you hear me? Yes, it’s you. YOU! Your best friend in the universe thinks you’re so awesome that they’ve chosen to be a part of you. In fact they’re never going to leave you. No matter what you do they will always be with you. Stop. Listen and appreciate that little voice – your best friend is talking to you. Unfortunately, often that best friend feels more like a stranger… Next installment… But what do you want me to do about it?

7. But what do you want me to do about it?

theMatrix.womanInReddress1 Stop distracting yourself! Don’t think we don’t know your methods. We all do it and although we may call it different things, even feel about it differently, we all know that there are many many things we allow ourselves to be drawn in to to divert us from the important stuff. This serves two very important purposes. Firstly, by distracting ourselves, we don’t have to spend much time with this stranger inside us. Again, don’t pretend you don’t know … because you do; that innate sense of what to do and what is right for you, that is the way your best friend talks to you. distractions But why do we get continuously distracted? Another irony is that we are distracted for exactly the reason we’re here. It’s not a Secret, those amazing distractions draw us in? Each and every item or experience you can possibly think of has a purpose and strangely enough, when that item is fulfilling it’s purpose, it gives us a sense of well being; if that thing or experience could have emotions, it would feel fulfilment. Lets take a spoon for example. Spoons come in many sizes, shapes and styles. keepfocused Some are deep and hold a lot, such an asset in the right conditions. Others are dainty and sparkle, again great in the right situation, but really inappropriate for every occasion. Imagine a spoon – if it could feel emotion, when do you think it would be happiest? Would it be when it’s lying on the draining board or in the drawer? Perhaps waiting on the table to be used? I’d say that if a spoon could feel emotions, it would be happiest when it’s simply doing what a spoon does – stirs, ladles, sprinkles, spreads, tastes and generally helps us have a delectable gustatory experience which would be dire if that spoon were replaced by a toothpick. spoons Do realise though that the purpose of anything may express itself in ways which may not seem appropriate to the outsider, but from the inside, living their purpose to the best of their ability means everything is happening exactly the way it is supposed to. You don’t have to look to the press to identify everyday people who have experienced undeniably horrible events but who have made it through the other side. Sometimes these people don’t just make it through, they thrive as a result of the experience. And the reason for this … treasuremap

Our weaknesses are given to us to become our strengths. They are our gift.

Our weaknesses are given to us to become our strengths. They are our gift.

And the rest of us who are currently working on some challenges right now and not made it through to the other side yet … it’s just a matter of time. Seeing as we’re all so good at getting problems, how about we make them our friend and actively seek them out? Doesn’t the naughty side of you think that would be a fantastic idea – think of what you could do, what you could have and pretend there are no repercussions. It would be great wouldn’t it? Well that’s not exactly how it is … Next installment… Problems you want to have

8. Problems you want to have

Who wants some problems? Seriously, who is actively out there looking for problems to have?

Ok, well there may be a few people who appear to be doing this, really there aren’t many but thanks to the media, we hear about them a lot. Back to our problems; they seem to follow us around, everywhere. Sometimes they’re right in front of us and we walk slam-bang right in to them. Other times they sneak up on us out of the floor boards or are hiding in the fridge. Yet other times, we hear them niggling us, almost a pleasant tickle and something we know we need to deal with.


If we don’t take heed, the whisper turns in to a shout and we really start to notice it. For those hard of hearing amongst us, next stage is a deafening thunder clap accompanied by a lightning strike – which you can survive, but is really not recommended.


This is in extreme cases however, and for the most part, the day-to-day problems we have to deal with are not quite as painful as that …

Imagine we could take the bane of your life, the worst thing you had to deal with and turn it in to the best thing you had? It would reduce the magnitude of your lowest low, and increase the altitude of your highest high. Basically it would mean that you have SO much more pleasure and a lot LESS pain. Would that be useful?

By this point some people realise that they are learning new things. That means that they’re already taking down the barriers between you and your purpose simply by reading these words. Because by reading these words you realise that any challenge or problem is simply a gift being given to you to divert you back on to your path. skiingwarning

If you were skiing down a beautiful alpine mountain and there were trees on one side, with a sign showing a Skull & Crossbones, would you deliberately go there when your friends are waiting down the main piste with a delicious glass of mulled wine and a hearty lunch for you? I know the adventure of the trees is there, and I’d be tempted myself to buck the system and go for it, but to be honest, being with my friends and having a delicious lunch talking about amazing happenings around the world, learning, sharing, laughing and planning all the things we are doing to make more difference in the world sounds a lot more fun. It doesn’t mean it will be plain sailing as there may be heated disagreements. I might fancy a trip to Africa to really experience life on that amazing continent, the birthplace of human kind, and become hypnotised by the amazing drums, experiences and stories; and you may fancy a beach holiday with awesome music, games, friends, starlit skies, warmth, connection and love. But hey, that’s what I call a Quality Problem.

Quality problems are Problems You Want To Have… Time to throw away the rule book. Try these on before you judge them.

  • Focus on Failure
  • What if cancer is your friend?
  • Paying $1million tax.
Do you get it yet? Continuously listen, learn, choose a path and move along it and your success is Guaranteed. You’ll learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll learn the places you like spending your time and the places you hate; the kind of people you want to spend most of your life with and those you will appreciate but avoid; the activities you love doing and importantly the best way for you to create wealth. Yup, it still does come down to wealth – in the form of quality of life. How you create wealth of life is actually relatively well defined for you; following that path makes creating the kind of wealth you want in your life flow to you like a torrent down a mountain. Has your appetite been whet? That’s because your best friend agrees and knows its true. We’ll cover more of this later. Next installment… Focus on Failure

9. Focus on Failure

In the daily life of a river or even after a storm, it is clear that there is a natural flow that the water wants to take – the path of least resistance. As a result … Water Never Flows in a Straight Line. amazon-river Why do you think rivers never naturally flow in straight lines – look at any map. Or the water against the shower screen or down a window in the rain. Water takes the path of least resistance and that is NOT a straight line. You’re not supposed to have a problem-free life. For anyone who has spent any time in the treasure chests of successful people’s minds in the form of Biographies and Autobiographies, you’ll realise that those who have made it to the top in ANY field, had to get knocked back a large number of times to achieve that success. Some would say that the people who are at the top are those who didn’t accept no in the way that many of us feel it’s ok to do so. Do you deserve better? Do you really? It’s not a Secret, to deserve better you simply have to decide that you deserve better. To decide means to come to a decision. Decision comes from the Latin incision … to cut off. When you decide something, you cut off the alternatives … and that’s a Good thing. Mythbusting … you can not be all things to all people. You can not please everyone all the time. You can not do everything in this world; but you can do everything that’s right for you. Step 1: Decide you deserve better. decideyoudeservebetterSome people don’t know what this feels like so to make this fair, you should probably be let in on how it feels to decide you deserve better. Just imagine: Pretend you’re there right now, reading some interesting ideas about what life is about and you read a phrase like … Decide you deserve better … and you pretend that you have.. you pretend that I deserve better. And you look away for a moment and feel something right now… THAT’S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE! If you didn’t get it, I appreciate that you may be looking where this journey is going, but remember that process people rule the world. Those who enjoy the process, not just the outcome, get to enjoy the journey and the destination. Those of us who are a bit caught up in completing something to get the pleasure, need to realise that life is the proverbial elephant we’re trying to eat and we can’t finish it in one sitting. Take life a bite at a time. The smaller the bite, the more completion you can have in every moment. So go back up to Just imagine … and this time that’s all you have to do to know what it feels like to decide I deserve better. End of conversation. Next installment… I want you to fail

10. I want you to fail

I’d like to give you some failsafe relationship advice if you’re single.

Fail. Fail many times.

If you see someone you like, go up to them and say something. Anything. Say, “I’m curious. I saw you from over there and I wondered to myself, what shoe size does a person have who looks like you.” Say, “Excuse me, I’d love to get your opinion on something, do you think black is the new black … and what does that really mean.” Say, “For some reason I noticed you and thought that that meant I should say hello, so I thought I’d say hello and ask you if you’d share a piece of wisdom you have gained in life.”


Ok, I’d like to get something clear RIGHT NOW. I may have had experiences; you may be enjoying my words … but I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING. I accept that you may be finding that hard to believe, but it’s the truth. I’m working on it, but fear that I’m on a never ending cycle of learning new things. So chose your own words to ask that stranger because you know yourself better than I do and although I could carry those off, you’ll have to make up your own. My point is, if you were rejected as a result of what you said then you won. You took part in the game and although that particular strategy didn’t work, there are others that will and as long as you listen, learn and choose another path and move along it, then you are winning.

An often overlooked secret in life is that life happens spontaneously and instantaneously.

Every moment is a new game. It’s a fallacy that life is a single game. You are consistently playing many simultaneous games and you are the score keeper. That means you can change the rules, scores and experience in every moment. So make failure your friend and realise that it is there to help teach you what works and what doesn’t. The more you play the game, the more likely you are to succeed. All you have to do is choose something. Just Choose Something.

Next installment… Cancer is your friend

11. Cancer is your friend

Ok, cancer is arguably one of the most harmful of illnesses that affects us as humans. We fight it with nuclear radiation, we destroy it with toxic chemicals, we cut it out and kill it … and the number of people getting cancer increases every day. How could this be? Historically something like 1 in 10,000 people would have cancer, but today the figure is closer to 1 in 3! Is that really acceptable? Are you ok with that? Perhaps if we listened, learned and did something different, cancer would go away by itself. A story from a friend of mine Don Tolman goes a little something like this: There we are one day, minding our own business when suddenly we feel sick. We feel like we’re going to vomit but thanks to our impression of what is acceptable, we take an anti-nausea drug which blocks the message from our brains so we no longer feel sick. Funnily enough our body had decided that there was something inside of us which it wanted to get out, but we didn’t trust it and thought we knew better.pills So it stays down … and decides to come out another way, so we get diarrhoea (by the way, isn’t that a strange word? Look at it. It’s from the Greek meaning, to flow through.) But oh no, we can’t let it flow through as that would be inappropriate so we take a diuretic which dries us up down there and prevents the colonic peristalsis which would otherwise let it pass through. Next stop is the lungs – can’t come out the front door, can’t make it out the back door, but it is still there trying to get out so it lines your lungs so perhaps you may cough it out. Amazing things us humans – we have something inside of us that really shouldn’t be there and all its trying to do is to get out and we won’t let it. Pills and potions consumed, we continue. Days, maybe weeks later it is still inside with a single purpose of getting out, so it goes to our largest organ, our skin. We get spots, pimples and rashes as the body tries to push it out the only way it knows how. Alas, creams and potions put a stop to that escape attempt so in a last ditch attempt to prevent this dis-ease harming your system, your body decides that quarantine is the only option. So it creates a dustbin, a tumour. dustbinIt can’t get rid of this poison, so it builds an amazing system to remove its effects from the rest of your body. And you can survive. Happily. Until, it gets messed with. Now I’m no medical doctor and my opinions are simple and only designed to inspire better decisions, but if you accept this story, you’ll realise that cancer may be designed specifically to identify to you that you need to be doing something different. What you’re currently doing is not working and something needs to change. Remember to separate the message and the messenger. So we probe the tumour, we cut it, we remove it and if we’re lucky, all the crap is removed. If we’re not lucky and we’re still doing things which are creating more poison for our system, then the body listens, learns and takes a new course of action … it builds multiple bins to prevent them being stolen again. If we really listened and watched our bodies, we’d learn quite quickly what does work and what doesn’t. We’d realise that after eating, drinking and doing certain things our body responds negatively and those things should be minimised or moderated if we still choose them. On the flip side, we know what makes us just a little bit happier than we are now and if we keep doing those things, listening, learning and taking action we will achieve all that’s available to us. Next installment… Everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault

12. Everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault

A doctor friend of mine once challenged my beliefs of cause and effect and asked me how I would respond to this situation: a father came in to his office one day and was very angry at the cards his daughter had been dealt as she was only 5 years old and diagnosed with a terminal cancer which certainly spelt a short lifespan for her. He was shouting and screaming about why the hospital couldn’t do more and why this was happening. Not a nice position to be in and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Out of the actual situation I had a chance to ponder this, and the message I did my best to convey to my friend was that the father had a number of paths. One was the path he was currently taking and he could see the anger, pain and disappointment that was providing. Or he could take another of the paths available to him which was to realise that …smiling-child Everything is your responsibility and nothing is your fault … What I meant was that the father could throw around blame and anger or alternatively focus on his responsibilities in this situation and realise that his purpose in this instant was to provide the best life possible for his daughter. If her cards had been dealt such that she wasn’t supposed to last his expectations of a normal lifetime, then that wasn’t his or her fault, but the responsibility was certainly on him as the guiding light in her life to make sure her life was as fulfilled as it could be. andreas_dagelet_guinness_world_recordAnother great friend of mine, Andreas Dagelet, is a World Record Holder and an exemplary example of taking responsibility in challenging times. He has the World Record for hand cycling 17,000km around Australia. Andreas is a paraplegic and fell out of a tree impressing a girlfriend years ago resulting in a broken back. He says that this was one of the best things that ever happened and he has travelled the world over sharing the learnings and skills he has picked up as a result of taking responsibility for his life. Next installment… A half time summary

13. A half time summary

We’ve covered a lot of ground here and you’re doing well if you have absorbed the meanings so far. For some people this will reinforce what they already know and for others there will be some new ground to ponder. Just remember to keep listening and learning, choosing a path and taking it. If it’s working for you, keep doing it. If not, you know what to do … something different! The main theme the last few sections have explored is that fundamentally we need to stop diverting ourselves from our true path, our purpose. All the problems are tools to guide us. The hyperbole about wanting you to fail was simply calling you to take action and when it comes to cancer and everything being your responsibility, that was designed to get you to realise that there are more ways to look at your experiences than the way you currently are. The good news is that stopping yourself being distracted by all those things (fulfilling their own purposes) was half the battle. The second half is arguably far more difficult, and the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Hercules is a friend of mine… seriously, that is his name. He is a trained medical doctor … and singer. He once told me that he felt that … iamhercules.comTrying to understand who he really was was one of the most difficult things he ever did. And once he’d done it, it was the easiest thing he’d ever done. All you have to do is to spend some time with your best friend. You know the drill … listen, learn, choose a path and take it. When you stop the distraction, you’ll be able to hear yourself more clearly. Next installment… How you can hear colours, see sounds and decode the messages being sent you by your Purpose.

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